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Bare November Days
A Tribute to the Ruffed Grouse

Gathered here are many of the sporting world’s Memories of fall days in the coverts are brought alive again in this anthology of grouse hunting. Some of the most respected outdoor writers contributed to this volume, creating a landmark work in sporting literature. Illustrations by Bruce Langton.

Hardcover                                             Originally $39    Now $15

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Dreaming the Lion
Reflections on Hunting, Fishing, and a Search for the WildLeatherbound & Signed Limited Edition

The twenty three essays in this collection written by Thomas McIntyre explore the spell the wild casts over all who go afield with a gun or rod. With an eloquent voice, McIntyre speaks of why we hunt and how the experience enriches us. These essays explores the full range of the hunting experience, with some exciting fishing thrown in for good measure.

Leatherbound Limited Edition  Originally $95        Now $40
Hardcover                                              Originally $35        Now $15

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Eastern Upland Shooting
by Dr. Charles C. Norris
Leatherbound Limited Edition

Featuring a foreword by George Bird Evans and over 400 pages of sage observations by one of America’s true “shooting gentlemen”. Chapters on dogs, dog training, guns, shooting techniques, ruffed grouse, woodcock, pheasant, quail, clothing, equipment and more – as accurate today as when it was written.

Leatherbound Limited Edition          Originally $95          Now $40


A Breed Apart
Volumes I & II – Leatherbound Limited Editions

Gathered here are many of the sporting world’s finest writers: George Bird Evans, Charles Waterman, Gene Hill, Michael McIntosh, Jim Fergus, and others. Each offers a unique story of his singular rlationship with the dog, or dogs, that have shaped his lafe as a hunter. Illustrations by Bruce Langton.
Volume I     Originally $95     Now $40
Volume II    Originally $95     Now $40

Set of both volumes  Originally $175 Now $75

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A Breed Apart
Volumes I & II – Hardcover Editions

Volume I     Originally $39     Now $15
Volume II    Originally $39     Now $15

Set of both volumes  Originally $70         Now $25

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Chasing Fish Tales
by John Holt
Leatherbound & Signed Limited Edition

John Holt will chase fish nearly anywhere they take a fly, and this spirited book takes you through a year of fishing that would make even the most jaded angler alive with excitement and weak with envy. Illustrated by Jenifer Thomas.

Leatherbound & Signed LE          Originally $95          Now $30
Hardcover                                               Originally $35          Now $10

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The Grand Passage
A Chronicle of North American Waterfowling
Leatherbound Limited Edition

Explore the magical world of duck and goose hunting with authors Gene Hill, Michael McIntosh, Bobby George, Bill McClure and Richard Grozik. With eight color plates and thirty four original etchings by Herb Booth.

Leatherbound Limited Edition          Originally $95      Now $40
Hardcover                                                      Originally $35      Now $15


Hunting the Sun
by Ted Nelson Lundrigan
Leatherbound & Signed Limited Edition

Ted Lundrigan shares a special place in northern Minnesota, where poplar thickets and dense alder runs have replaced virgin stands of pine and have provided the perfect home to the toughest of all game birds: the ruffed grouse. Illustrations by Steven Daiber.

Leatherbound & Signed LE
Originally    $95     Now $40


The Incompleat Angler
by Jim Enger
Leatherbound & Signed Limited Edition

“The best part of trout fishing is where you end up doing it,” Jim Enger writes in this angling adventure. At heart this book is a quest for the innocence of near and faraway places, for the paradise lost. Trout rising to take a fly, the smile of a Latin enchantress, the company of good friends. Things that make the incomplete angler complete. Illustrations by Chuck Foreman.

Leatherbound Limited Edition       Originally $95        Now $30
Hardcover                                                   Originally $30        Now $10

PT     PT LE

Pheasant Tales
Original Stories about America’s Favorite Game Bird
Leatherbound Limited Edition

Some of the finest writers in the field take their best shots at John Ringneck, covering the guns, dogs, lore, history, and conservation methods associated with this splendid bird. Gene Hill, Charley Waterman, Michael McIntosh, and Phil Bourjaily are just some of the writers geatured. Illustrations by Eldridge Hardie.

Leatherbound & Signed LE          Originally $95      Now $40
Hardcover                                              Originally $39       Now $15





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